Saturday, April 15, 2006

Back home and back to reality

So i've been back nearly two weeks and its straight back to work. Egypt seems so far away now and its very worrying how you can settle back into a new routine. Sadly as the physical ramble has come to an end the raison d'etre for the blog is also diminishing. However the mental rambles will still go on so pop in from time to time.

Work will be very busy but as most of it is confidential (and of no interest to any body outside the world of trains) I won't dwell on this. Mrs C is working very hard for final exams although seems more interseted in interior design, making cakes and very expensive handbags!!

I will be posting pictures up of our time in Egypt soon so stay tuned.


Anonymous dazey said...

can one make very expensive handbags?


9:45 pm  
Blogger tails of a mad cow said...

salam mr c.

just to let you know that i gave the stuff to diwan, actually to Ustadh Muhammad. I said it was for everyone, but you particularly bought sweets because he said he liked halwa. He seemed pretty pleased me thinks.



11:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back in the office for over a week - and he still hasn't made the tea

3:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And he never bought us any sweeties back either!

3:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And another thing - where are the cakes for his Birthday [last week]????????

4:21 pm  
Anonymous Mrs C said...

Mr C you seem to be making yourself unpopular! Certainly you should have got them a cake at work..I think you owe them (and me) a Konditor & Cook one.

3:02 pm  
Blogger fudgebumpkin said...


Just wanted to say thanks to you, Mrs C and your family for letting us take over your house last week and kicking you out in the process too.

Long may it continue!

1:25 pm  
Blogger Mr. C said...

More than welcome. As for sweets from Egypt, you should know that with Bird Flu and being about 50 kilos over I really couldn't bring any. Thats my excuse anyway.

3:00 pm  
Blogger mad as a cambridge bicycle said...

Oh so you Have been blogging. Many apologies, i got so sick of 'an honoured guest' that i stopped checking.


6:46 pm  

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