Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Wow – my counters reached 1000! – thank you Mrs C Senior for logging on five times a day – my most loyal fan. I’ve been told that I should really write a bit more frequently but in all honesty, I haven’t had the time with two teachers equalling at least six hours of lesson time (sometimes more) and then at least three hours of homework. And herein lies the rumours of my entry into Geekdom. I wish I could say I can see the fruits of these hours spent but its early days yet. I’ve given myself a couple of days off but that’s just landed me double homework with an exam on Saturday!

Now its been brought to my attention that I’ve been ‘tagged’ by a certain Peanut, the Sleepy Jughead aka sister-in-law No. 2. What this means is that I’m supposed to complete in a silly blogfiller and tag some one else to do the same. After procrastinating about whether I should bother, I though why not and so here we go and coninue this idiocy.

10 years ago: I was at University. Beard starting to grow then. Interesting times on and off ‘campus’. Oh yes – there was a thing called the internet that was starting to take off, and the cool guys had Motorola bricks.

5 years ago: The world before September 2001, stock markets were flying high, internet share trading was the new fad and even I nearly go sucked in. Was working at Andersen which was still a reputable company then (pre Enron scandal). The world really has changed since then.

Middle School: I presume this means the years before GCSE? Why does anyone care. So long ago I can hardly remember suffice it to say that I hated playing rugby and can’t stand it now.

5 bands and artists: Can’t say I listen to much these days. My old tastes were quite eclectic from rap (old-school stuff – not this curent crop of pornographic gangster wannabes. The originals had social conscience, principles, intellect as well as being commercially astute), to Seattle grunge, to jazz (Jazz FM was always on during exams) and commercial classical.

5 things I'd do with £100, 000, 000:I think I would keep some, spend some and set up a tax effective charitable trust for various good causes of my choice. I definitely would not work again – but since noone’s going to give me £100m this is a mute point (for anyone from the office who happens to read this!)

5 places I would run away to:If the island in Swiss Family Robinson exists that would be quite cool. But since I’m allowed to cross the road now and don’t have to enter into the recesses of my imagination, perhaps the Galápagos Islands (spelling?). I’ve heared that’s quite cool. Somewhere with a temparate climate (definitely not cold), where they speak proper Arabic and don’t try charge you double the price for everything – oh! I’m going back to my imagination.

5 movies I like:
Shawshank Redemption (watch it to the end – I know it’s a long film), Malcolm X (book is better though),
Star Wars (good v evil – and the jedis are just intergalactic sufis with Yoda as the grand sheikh – warning: don’t base your Aqida on this film though, you’ll go astray!),
Bowling for Columbine (a bit unfair to Americans – makes them all look dumb except for the really insane ones) and,
Swiss Family Robinson (a childhood thing you understand – I know there’s no way you can have all those animals on a small island for real).

5 people I'd like to meet: Other than many obvious people from the Prophets, scholars, writers, thinkers and leaders, I’ve restricted this to the twentieth century world.

Malcolm X - martyrd in his prime – would have changed America and the world even more than he did.
Ghandi, Nehru and Jinnah – just to listen in to what they really thought would happen with partition.
The guy who assasinated the Serb in Sarajevo and started World War 1 – I think I would try to explain Chaos Theory and the Law of Unintended Consequences.
Oppenheimer (et al) – What did you think would happen? You’re smart guys.
Bill Gates – I’d lend him some money/take shares to start up a company

5 biggest joys of my life:
Good food, warm rooms, intelligent friends, family and watching toddlers learning to walk, stumble and fall over (it always makes me smile, so long as they don’t hurt themselves of course – I’m not cruel!).

Glad that’s all over – I ‘tag’ Insane Bovine – aka sister-in-law No. 3.

In the next couple of days we’re off to the Cairo International Bookfair and an African World Cup match against my better judgement. Will write about that later.


Anonymous zebediah said...

yay- this is very cool of you.
"watching toddlers learning to walk, stumble and fall over (it always makes me smile, so long as they don’t hurt themselves of course – I’m not cruel!)." Aww. Though it makes me laugh rather than smile- I'm a bit meaner.

Oh and because I'm sometimes a pedant (as Bikey could tell you) it's 'moot' point - “Moot” is a very old word related to “meeting,” specifically a meeting where serious matters are discussed. Oddly enough, a moot point can be a point worth discussing at a meeting (or in court)—an unresolved question—or it can be the opposite: a point already settled and not worth discussing further. At any rate, “mute point” is simply wrong, as is the less common “mood point.”

11:42 am  
Blogger Pink said...

i CANNOT believe mrs C is not one of ur biggest joys!!

12:56 pm  
Blogger mad as a cambridge bicycle said...

I know! He says it's because he didn't want to be cheesy but I still think we should Get him for that! Huh! Take my sister and don't appreciate her, grumble grumble, not to mention Pink's best friend, grumble grumble.

8:15 pm  
Blogger Pink said...

i know, i couldnt comment properly coz i was in a rush, bt i was gonna say - she would SO have been my biggest joy if he hadnt kidnapped her... or something to that effect.

12:54 am  
Blogger dazey said...

yup-expected mrs C on tht list alrite. cheesy amar paa, as if the toddler thing wasnt (cute, yes, but cheesy). tho yep have to agree, wonderful to watch. o n i dont believe u zeb, ur gona be the cruelest mum/aunty/watever! and ur gona sit around drumming definitions into the kids' heads. o Looord...

btw, far be it for met to comment without expressing amazement that u filled this thing out. we may make something cool of u yet!


6:03 pm  
Blogger Mr. C said...

How many nicknames can one person have!

Somethings don't need to be said - enuf said already

8:57 pm  
Blogger tails of a mad cow said...

hmmm, the tagging, on the whole was readable.
Not putting mrs C on was pretty darn shocking as was the swiss family robinson thing, do you not remember the tigers and the pirates?

6:02 pm  
Blogger mad as a cambridge bicycle said...

eewwwurrghhhhhhhh I couldn't STAND that film!!! I cannot believe it made his list - the horrible, horrible acting, the cringing, the stupid stupid boys fighting over the boy-girl and the other one with his hair and animals and christmas trees (ok i'm running out of memories here, but you get this jist)

i repeat, euuuuurrrrrghhhhhhhhh!!!!

11:45 pm  

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